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Although I am still being treated with chemo for pancreatic cancer, I am still working on a limited basis. We are selling "in stock" items plus a few "from scratch" 
(Call or email with your questions)

It is my hope that everyone visiting here will see what I see in the beauty of natural colors of wood that we have been given to enjoy.
Unfortunately, as with other things we buy, the cost of wood has gone up due to higher shipping costs to the wholesalers.
Each cross is hand made; no assemble line processing.
Each cross or other Christian symbol is only finished with a clear coat to bring out the beauty of the wood; no stains have been added.
Different woods (darks & lights) are shown throughout the site; you will be happier if you pick a wood that has a natural color you like.
As you navigate through the site I encourage you to think about how each item shown can be apart of your own ministry in showing your love for our Lord in a pleasing, not pushy, yet inviting manner.
Also, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, contact me by phone or email, describe what you need, and in most cases, I can make it for you.
Payments for items in the site are made through PayPal if you click on the "add to cart" button.
If you prefer to just use your credit card or pay by check,
please contact me and we can conduct business
over the phone or through email.
NOTE: Some crosses, because of size, have an additional shipping
charge ("oversize") added to the price. Purchase at my home/office
to save on this expense next time you are in the DFW area.
Shipping charges are based on within the US mainland. Additional charges for shipping will be billed separately after the total cost is realized.
Ask about quanity discounts.

In His service,
Don Williams

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